Frequently Asked Questions

We accept payments through credit cards, Paypal, bank transfer or any legal means.

The monthly or annual price will be in your country’s currency.

The monthly or annual price will be in the currency of your country. It will depend on the exchange rate of that day.

You can switch to a lower or higher plan at any time.

No permanence. If you don’t like our service you can cancel immediately. No questions asked.

The monthly or annual price will be in your country’s currency.

* Our platform provides an online service which allows you to create updated applications at any time.

* Our system allows you to regularly add content to your app to keep it up to date with the latest changes in technology after it is published so you can interact with your users and keep them interested in your application.

* This technology is hosted on our servers and is constantly updated with new features to keep up with new developments from mobile handset manufacturers that are constantly being updated.

* In order for you to make use of all these technologies immediately and prevent your app from becoming out of date, you need to keep your subscription active.

Your active subscription allows you to:

* Keep Your Application Available For Your Users.

* Update Your App Content.

* Synchronize Content from your app.

* Send Push Notifications.

* Maintain secure storage of your data.

* Loyalty to your customers through: QR coupons, GPS coupons, virtual loyalty cards.

* Notify your customers about special events.

Tutorials / FAQs / Videos

All the help you need to create your app, if you don’t find the answer, contact us immediately and you will know in minutes.

Technical Support

If something is not working properly. Create a support ticket, describe the problem and provide pictures, if possible.

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