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1- Select an app template

Create your app online with native templates and features that you can easily edit.

2- Edit your app

Use menus, forms, images, sounds, videos, social networks,

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

3- Publish on Google Play or App Store

Request us to publish it or do it yourself

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Included in all plans

Create your app online with the app builder, it’s easy, drag and drop. You can create, edit and test in minutes.

We provide you with a varied list of templates, functionalities and an easy to use interface. The editor allows you to fully customise the look and feel of your application. If you want to use the editor you don’t need to know how to program. On our platform it is possible to start immediately, you don’t need to pay to get started. Make apps.

Create apps with advanced features: Image Menu, Button Menus, Custom Blog, Location List, Image Gallery, GPS, Push Notifications, In-App Sales, Newsstand and many more.

Build professional apps that include plenty of features to help you and are extremely easy to implement. Achieve a professional look thanks to advanced options that you can add as you need: more than 60 fully customisable features and 50 page types and even have templates to help you learn how to create an app.

Coding Free. Simply choose a template and add elements: images, music, sounds, videos, Blogs, Rss, Menus, Excel, games, etc.

Free coding, no need to hire an expert and write everything from scratch, using our system you don’t need to be a programmer or software designer to get started. Whenever you want start with your project, decide which option is the best or if you want select both. Simply choose a template and add elements: images, music, sounds, videos, Blogs, Rss, Menus, excel, games, etc.

Create your business App.

Keep and attract more customers, increase buyer loyalty. No more waiting for a designer who takes months to make your company’s application at an exorbitant price. Now you can have it quickly and inexpensively. This revolutionary product has become updated versions of websites, sooner or later all companies will simply have to have a presence in the market in order to be competitive and distinguish themselves from others. Choose between basic or professional modules. Create an app.

Why The Appmaker?

– We are open source, so you are independent of our platform. If we close, you can keep your clients.

– You can customise the software to your or your clients’ needs.

– You can create your own features.

– Because we have all-inclusive pricing and unbeatable value. Other companies promise free development, but then charge extra for every service, download or megabyte.

It is possible to have your own professional application immediately.

Publish whenever you want, create your own professional app and publish it immediately. You can edit, modify and test your app on your phone as many times as you want. When you think what you want is perfect and you can’t wait any longer to see it in the store send us a request and we will publish it in your developer account and brand it or if you prefer you can publish it yourself following our instructions.

Create native or web apps, with incredible ease.

Knowing the differences between the two will allow you to decide between one or the other, native or Web. Make the most of the technological functions of your smartphone or computer. Our system makes it possible. There are many advantages when deciding one or the other, and remember, in these times it is more than necessary to have a presence on the smartphones of so many potential customers. More.

Create an app for your customers with business

Create and start generating extra income thanks to the complete system that allows you to sell to customers. Start the easiest and most profitable business you can start today, design and start making money. In this day and age it’s not hard to find someone with a smartphone and download them.


The system is so easy and intuitive that it fully integrates into the rest of our platform, everyone can start developing PWAs with little or no programming knowledge. Simply choose the type of template you like and integrate features and functionality quickly. Create PWA.

Create your App for any type of business






Radio & Music


Magazines or Books

Tourist Guide

Real Estate

– More Models –

Test your app on your smartphone

Preview your app and follow all the changes you are making. Everything will work exactly as it is except for the sales section. Every time you make a change synchronize it and you will see those changes directly. This way you will have an exact idea of how it works and if you need to make changes before publishing it. Download it to your device and access it with the login details you use in our platform.

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