What is The Appmaker?

The App Maker is a mobile application creation platform, where you can develop apps for iOS, Android, Kindle, WebApps (mobile websites) and PWA.

It is much easier to start creating an application in The App Maker as most of the technical aspects are done by our developers. Just select a template, start editing it according to your needs and add the Marketplace features.

For advanced users, we offer special tools for creating applications. Thus, you can add custom code in HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, PhoneGap, JSON, XML, Objective C. This will allow you to create applications with unique UI and UE.

creador de apps

The Appmaker’s goal is to help businesses succeed by leveraging cutting-edge mobile technologies.

We know that iPhone/Android mobile devices are opening up new opportunities, especially for businesses.

Mobile applications allow users to interact with businesses in a whole new way. that’s why we are here to help businesses create professional iPhone and Android applications at very affordable prices.

Using The Appmaker is very easy. You don’t need to be an expert programmer, Java whiz or software developer to create your own iPhone or Android app.

You can start creating your native iPhone app or native Android app right away. Choose a template, edit and create your content, you can add images, music, sound, video files and much more.

When you have it ready; we will publish it on App Store, Google Play or Amazon with your developer account.

When creating your applications on the iPhone – iPad, Android, Amazon or Web platforms, you can preview them by installing the corresponding “Theappmaker previewer” application on your Smartphone, please note that you will not be able to create an application with iPhone target platform and view it on an Android mobile or vice versa.

Creating your app with the visualization system allows you to follow you step by step without having to wait to finish it.

After downloading the application and to access it, you will have to enter the data used to create your app at www.theappmaker.es.

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